Beware of Work-for-Hire Nuances

The term “work-for-hire” is often loosely used to refer to an agreement with an author, musician, or other independent contractor to create a copyrighted work.  “Work-for-hire” agreements are routinely entered for the purpose of vesting ownership of the work with the party paying for the work.  The term “work-for-hire” has a precise meaning under the U.S. Copyright Act, and if care is not used to properly draft the agreement, the partying paying for the work may not legally own all rights to the work. 

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Antitrust Concerns in Publishing

The popularity of online retailers threatens the profitability of traditional retailers.  This is because traditional retailers generally have greater overhead than online retailers.  To compensate for this competitive disadvantage, traditional retailers may be pressured to implement measures that assure them of higher profit margins.  Publishing is a good example of an industry that has been profoundly affected by online retailing.  Online retailing has significantly increased the number of competitors in the publishing industry.  Traditional retail channels in the publishing industry consist of book stores and big-box retailers.  Online retailing has created several other channels for consumers to purchase books.  Most publishers sell directly to consumers through their websites.  Publishers also sell wholesale to other online retailers.  Online retailing even enables consumers to be competitors by selling their used books.   The increase in competition presented by online retailing has made it difficult for traditional retailers to remain competitive, as illustrated by the bankruptcy of Borders.  In religious publishing, “brick and mortar” Christian bookstores have almost disappeared. Continue reading “Antitrust Concerns in Publishing”

Retirement: Steps to Solve the Retirement Blue

Alliance for Children and Families, April 15, 2008

Steps to Solve the Retirement Blues
Don’t forget the important details and laws

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